Thursday, 4 October 2012

30,000 Monkies - Womb Eater Wife Beater

Band request from Belgium.

I have had this for awhile and had planned to do a review at
some point but the band have sent this to me, so here goes.

30,000 Monkies play a tortured mix of sludge/noise/stoner
with a definite experimental vibe. This is a heavy trip
into Melvins/Christpunchers type of brainmelt riffs, coupled
with the unhinged rhythms of early Jesus Lizard or Big
Black. The songs create a dense, claustrophobic atmosphere
that sucks you into a frenzied world of fuzzed out psychosis.

The band have created their own unique take on this genre.
Fuzzed guitars, distorted bass and head-pounding drums
lay the foundations for cleanish/sometimes harsher vocals
to sit on top of the mix but never overpowering the frenetic
lead guitar solos. Song passages ebb and flow, taking you
from slow motion swamp speed to jarring psychedelic freak outs.

Four gentlemen trying to pierce your eardrums, 30,000 Monkies makes savage, riff-oriented music in the vein of Melvins and Sleep, but they're equally influenced by bands like Sonic Youth or My Bloody Valentine. Since 2009, these noiserockers guarantee sonic madness peppered with nonsensical gibber. 
30,000 Monkies does not engage in subtlety. They released their first EP, titled 'Womb Eater Wife Beater', to support this claim. Some folks like Schindler's list, but this is more likely something for Major Dutch adepts.

I highly recommend this!

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