Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Outlaws of Zen - Don't Bother Getting Up, We'll Let Ourselves In (2012)

Band request from Michigan, USA.

The Outlaws of Zen like their Stoner heavy and thick - these
boys are not taking in the desert vibes but are lurching through
the swamps, drinking moonshine infused with Sludge anger and
looking for unsuspecting tourists to fuck up.

There is an excellent blues/early 70's proto-metal vein running
though the songs but do not be mistaken in thinking that these
tracks are a retro-fest. The blueprint is rock but The Outlaws
of Zen have stomped their own brand of riffage, producing a
slew of meaty, heavy stomp monsters! 

With fuzz boxes set to kill, the track arrangements are flawless,
meaning you cannot stop your head nodding along. Vocals
are aggressive when needed but know when to rein back,
leaving the relentless riffs to rumble along.

My only complaint is that only 5 songs leave me wanting a
lot more. Come on fuckers, make an album ..... I need more
of this stuff!

Bio: We are The Outlaws of Zen a heavy riff based rock band from corn fields of Auburn Mi heart of the Tri Cities. Saginaw with the nation leading murder per capita rate, Bay City’s old boy’s network, heavy drinking, and fear of the future, and Mayberry er' Midland the land of unicorns, rainbow Kool Aid, and nothing bad can happen here. Formed in early 2011 TOOZ fuse high intensity rock n roll and working class frustration. The riff is king, but the song is the kingdom. Brutal yet jazzy drumming, clever satirical lyrics, thundering and meandering bass, and tasteful guitar fills all attribute to our heaviness through intensity approach. Largely influenced by the 70’s obscure rock underground but tempered through the band members' time in metal, retro, hard rock, blues, jazz, and acoustic bands. The result is our 1st EP “Don’t Bothering Getting Up, We’ll Let Ourselves In”.

Because they are good guys, you can name your price at Bandcamp


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