Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Ice Cream Children - Fontanelle

Band request from London.

Ice Cream Children play the sort of music that sounds one chorus
away from musically exploding into chaos but somehow they manage
to keep things flowing into nagging songs that lodge into your brain.

Straddling the void between noise/art/punk/math, these songs are full of
spastic rhythms, staccato time changes and sprawling passages that wind
up as aggressive bursts of frustration.

The sound has a lot of empty space which gives the Tom Verlaine type
soloing room to explore before getting trashed into basic riffs. This is
very good shit ......... the vocals veers between plantive, demented,
crooning and shouting which in this day and age of roared, aggressive
shouting manages to bring a lot more tension into proceedings.

Sounding like Sonic Youths bratty younger brothers, Ice Cream Children
also have the same knack for inventing a new musical language that you
don't quite get but want to understand better.

Get it now!

Because they are good guys, there is a free download from Bandcamp


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