Monday, 20 February 2012

Landforge - Servitude to Earth

Having come across the last Landforge release quite late,
I have been waiting for the next one with bated breath to
see if it could match up.

Well "Servitude to Earth" does not let you down.
Instrumental post-rock drive the song structures but
when the distorted guitars kick in, the mood changes
with the powerful riffs that deliver a punch that would
not sound out of place on a Latitudes album.

The ambient passages carry a real feeling of mood that
build up into a post-metal explosion of tension and
release. The guitar playing is not just mindless fret-
wanking but carry the songs along with sustained riffs
and some wonderful note progressions. This is classy
stuff and the long tracks have a definite epic feel to them.

There are tiny flourishes that make this stand out from the
crowd - 0n "Triquetra", towards the end there are some ghostly
vocals which are used sparingly but with great effect and on
"Pilgrim", there is some sort of synth riff that could of been
overworked - instead, it sits behind the riff and gives the song
another dimension.

Very well produced without losing any power, a special mention
must go to the drums - fantastic beats and rhythms without ever
making you aware that they are programmed (I assume they are -
if not, well done to the drummer!)

A one-man project that deserves your support.

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