Thursday, 17 November 2011

Lamprey - Ancient Secrets (2011)

Band request from Portland, USA.

Fuck knows what they put in the water down there
but Lamprey are a doom/stoner band that tick all
the right boxes........ I am not the worlds biggest doom
expert and can only describe the music as I hear it!

With just two bass players, vocals and drums, this is
one mother of a low-end beast. This means that without
a guitar player wailing over the top, the song composition
has to be strong enough to keep the interest going before
your brain can register that there are no solos.

Worry not though, all the riffs capture the groove of stoner
and the heaviness of doom with admirable results. Fuzzed
out, distorted tunes with tempo changes power along, showing
the potential of what interplay between 2 bass players can achieve,
the rhythm being nailed down while the other player creates counter
riffs - at some point using a bass wah-wah ? pedal.

The occasional vocals are a growl/clean and fairly low in the mix
which is where I like 'em. The overall feel is very much in the vein
of Sleep in full "Dopesmoker" mode and I hope that this band can
progress in this sometimes overcrowded genre to wider acclaim.

No files to listen to but play the film to get an idea.


  1. As you say it sounds like Sleep and similars. It would be good if they would have some more of their own personallity, but it sounds interesting anyway.
    Take a look of my last post, I think it may interest you!

  2. Sounds good, you should check out Palehorse if you haven't yet dude. More dual-bass sludge from That London.

  3. Thanks guys - being pretty new to this sort of stuff, it's always good to get advice from people who know about it!