Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Lightning Bolt - Hypermagic Mountain (2005)

Crazed chaos from this drum / bass duo.

Brutal, fast noise rock - the drummer sounds like he
is playing 2 kits at the same time and fuck knows what
the bass is going through - thick fuzz guitar tones envelop
the tunes, with grunted vocals buried in the mix.

This is like World War 3 going off in your head but much
more fun - it made me jump up and down.


  1. Thank you for this and pretty much all of your last few posts!

  2. Cheers Claypool - I am on a noisy bastard trip at the moment and this may well be reflected for a while. Thank you for the NoMeansNo post - I have never heard it before and it is fantastic! It made me play some Jesus Lizard after.

    I hope you boys will be doing a review of ATP for VDO?

  3. We SHOULD do a review really. We'll probably have to share it between us as I can remember seeing bands Claypool can't "I can't remember what they were like but I remember I really enjoyed them and the sound was good"

  4. Hahaha is that something I said or you said?

    Glad you liked the NoMeansNo Tony.

  5. Something that you said, about Growing haha

  6. Maybe between you, there might be at least one gig remembered!

  7. I like the fact that is took 6 months for this reply!