Thursday, 7 October 2010

Black Bombain - Saturdays and Space Travels (2010)

Hey you!

Yeah, thats right ..... you in the corner with
the blank stare and drool coming out the
corner of your mouth.

You look the sort of person who would be into
"Earthless" ...... yep , me too.

I guess you like to light up a "doobie" and jerk
off to Sonic Prayer ...... yep, me too.

Black Bombain are from Portugal and are very
much like Earthless - two 20 minute jams of
freakout acid guitar brilliance.

To prove what good guys they are, this album
is free from their website - what the fuck are you

I got this from Soundweave - thank you gentlemen,
..... give them visit.


  1. heavy psych jams... what can be better. this band along with Tia Carrera are only concurrents to Earthless on psychedelic music market today. big Isaiah Mitchell influence on this psychonauts. I can also recommend Sepentina Satelite and Smoking Spore for similar stuff

  2. I have got the Sepentina Satelite but have never heard any Smoking Spore - thanks, I will check them out.