Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Nebula - Heavy Psych 2008

A fine return to form, showing why if you
like monster grooves and no-frills hard rock
with plenty of psych guitar and desert fried
vocals, you should give this a listen.

This three piece are in love with fuzzed
out rock'n'roll and it shows. There is only
so many ways that the stoner genre can turn
out bands and albums but Nebula still sound
fresh and urgent.

Turn the speakers up and Climb aboard!


  1. Sweet, thanks for this, I keep meaning to check this but never do. Hopefully it'll be as amazing as Earthless.

  2. It is as good as Earthless but in a different way - hard to beat 2 mega long guitar jamming tracks per album but Nebula have managed to get all their tracks play as a whole album to get the feeling.